What You Need!

Read this page entirely before applying.

Computer or Laptop!

You can stream with almost any modern computer or laptop, two years or newer, but you will get the best experience with a computer running an i5 processor (or equivalent) with 3GB of RAM. Using an out-dated machine can be problematic and is not recommended.

I have created a step by step guide to help you determine what type of processor and how much ram/memory your computer is equipped with. Step By Step Guide

If you need to purchase a computer here are my recommendations. Whether you prefer a Desktop or Laptop, anyone of these units will do the job. Desktop Computers – Laptop Computer

HD Webcam

Any webcam will get you started, but we recommend an HD quality camera that streams in Widescreen. Show’s that are broadcasted in HD receiver higher ratings/score. The higher your rating/score the better placement you’re going to receive on our website. Better placement means more visitors to your show. The more people visiting your show, the more money you can potentially earn.

If you want to purchase an inexpensive webcam, our recommendation is the Logitech C920 Webcam. It is a great personal camera with very high-quality video and audio. It will work on most computers and setup is easy. If you choose this camera, make sure the model you purchase is the Logitech C920. Similar cameras, such as the Logitech C930e, can cause issues while streaming. The C920 is a proven model that works well with SM- Broadcast system.

High-Speed Internet

High-speed internet is required to broadcast your show. We recommend that your internet connection has a 4-Mbps upload speed or greater. Here is a link where you can test your speed. Test Your Internet Speed. Remember we’re looking for an upload speed, of 4-Mbps or faster.

Work Area

Choosing the right place to work from is important. Keep in mind that your customers are spending upwards of $9.99 per minute to interact with. Having a nice, clean working area is important as It adds value to both you and your show. Wheather it’s a bedroom, living room or somewhere in between making sure it’s not cluttered. A nicely decorated area looks much nicer on cam.

Good Lighting

Having a well lite room goes a long way. It adds value to your show and is an overall better experience for the customer. Your goal is to keep that customer coming back time and time again. You can achieve decent lighting with a standard desk lamp. We recommend using Natural Daylight 5000K bulb in any fixture you decide to use. These bulbs can be found at any local hardware store. Make sure all the bulbs in your room are consistent (all Natural Daylight 5000K). Make sure lamp shades are white as color shade will create a lighting imbalance. Keep this in mind. Good Lighting can help make an average girl look more attractive while bad lighting can make an attractive girl look average.

Here is a great video explain the importance of good lighting: Looking Good On Your Webcam

Good Work Ethic

In order to be successful, you must be willing to maintain a regular work schedule. You can go online during nonscheduled times as well but to build and sustain a fan base you must commit to being online during specific times and stay consistent.

Did You Meet The Requirements?

Your success is our success, so if you feel your computer and internet meet the requirements then let’s have you go ahead and fill out the online applicating below. Typically approval time takes 48 hours or less. Once approved we will contact you via email and go from there.


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The application process takes less than 5 minutes, and the approval time is around 24 hours.

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